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Tuft: Chloe Smith’s Tech Revolution in Pet Grooming

Imagine a world where booking a grooming session for your beloved pet is as simple as ordering your morning coffee.

Imagine a world where booking a grooming session for your beloved pet is as simple as ordering your morning coffee. Enter Chloe Smith and her groundbreaking app, Tuft, which is doing just that—simplifying pet care through innovation and smart technology. Launched in 2021, Tuft has swiftly transformed the pet grooming industry, setting new standards for convenience and efficiency.

Chloe Smith’s Entrepreneurial Journey

From her early days as a pet owner struggling to find reliable grooming for her dog, Chloe Smith‘s entrepreneurial path was paved with personal challenges that sparked her innovative spirit. Faced with a sector ripe for technological infusion, Chloe founded Tuft to solve a problem that many pet owners didn’t even realize could be addressed. Her journey from concept to launch was fueled by a desire to improve pet care accessibility, leading her to develop a solution that has significantly impacted the industry.

Key Features of Tuft

At its core, Tuft is designed with both groomers and pet owners in mind, offering features that streamline the booking process and manage salon operations efficiently. Key features include:

  • Automated Reminders: Ensuring appointments are never missed with push, SMS, and email notifications.
  • Multiple Pet Bookings: Allowing owners to handle appointments for multiple pets simultaneously.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Owners can view real-time availability and book slots that suit them, giving control back to the user without the hassle.

These functionalities not only enhance user experience but also optimize the day-to-day operations of grooming businesses, allowing them to focus more on service and less on admin.

Tuft’s Growth and Expansion

Since its inception, Tuft has seen a remarkable 29% increase in app downloads, a testament to its growing popularity and effectiveness. Chloe’s strategic leadership has already expanded Tuft’s reach into the European market, starting with Spain, accompanied by significant external investments that underscore investor confidence in her vision and the app’s potential.

Industry Recognition and Awards

Recognition for Chloe and Tuft came swiftly, highlighted by her finalist nomination at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2022. Such accolades not only celebrate Chloe’s ingenuity but also affirm Tuft’s impact on modernizing pet grooming services across the UK and beyond.

User Testimonials and Impact Stories

Feedback from users paints a vivid picture of Tuft’s influence:

  • Groomers appreciate the reduced no-shows and smoother operations.
  • Pet owners love the ease of booking and transparent pricing. These stories of satisfaction and operational transformation echo through Tuft’s growing community, showcasing real-world benefits.

The Future of Tuft

Looking forward, Chloe Smith is not resting on her laurels. Plans for new features and further market expansion are underway, aiming to solidify Tuft’s position as a leader in pet service innovation. With each update and improvement, Tuft is set to redefine pet care services worldwide.


Chloe Smith’s Tuft is more than just an app; it’s a movement towards smarter, more responsive pet care. For anyone in the grooming business or pet owners looking for a hassle-free way to manage pet grooming needs, Tuft offers an elegant solution.

Ready to simplify your grooming business or manage your pet’s grooming needs effortlessly? Try Tuft today and experience a revolution in pet care.

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