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From Paris to Progress: Mimine Agbantou’s Fashion Revolution

Join us in exploring the incredible journey of Mimine Agbantou, founder of Mimine AG & Kokoky. From her roots in Paris to revolutionising fashion with inclusive designs, Mimine’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and a commitment to celebrating diversity. Discover how she is empowering curvy women and reshaping beauty standards in the fashion world.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where trends come and go with the seasons, one designer is making waves that transcend mere style. Meet Mimine Agbantou, a visionary force reshaping the landscape of haute couture and challenging the norms of the industry. From her humble beginnings in Paris to her ascent to the pinnacle of luxury fashion, Mimine’s journey is one of passion, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of inclusivity.

In this article, we delve into the captivating story of Mimine Agbantou – the founder and creative director of Mimine AG & Kokoky. From her childhood in the culturally vibrant Republic of Benin to her prestigious education in London, Mimine’s path to success is marked by determination and a steadfast commitment to her craft.

Join us as we uncover the inspiration behind Mimine’s groundbreaking designs, explore the challenges she faced along the way, and celebrate her triumphs as a trailblazer in the world of fashion.

Founder Story: A Journey of Passion and Purpose

Mimine Agbantou’s journey from Paris to the forefront of the fashion world is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Born in the vibrant city of Paris and raised in the culturally rich Republic of Benin, Mimine’s upbringing was steeped in creativity and diversity.

From a young age, Mimine displayed a natural flair for design, often sketching her own clothing creations and dreaming of a future in fashion. Her mother, a source of inspiration and support, affectionately nicknamed her “Mimine” from birth, a name that would later become synonymous with her brand.

Mimine’s path to success was not without its challenges. Despite her talent and ambition, she faced skepticism and doubt from those who questioned her ability to break into the competitive world of haute couture. Undeterred, she pursued her passion with unwavering determination, enrolling at Ravensbourne University in London to study Fashion and Print Design.

But Mimine’s true calling came when she decided to strike out on her own. Fuelled by a desire to create something truly special, she founded Mimine AG, a luxury brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Her designs caught the eye of fashion insiders and soon found a home in the prestigious halls of Selfridges, solidifying her reputation as a rising star in the industry.

Yet, amidst her success, Mimine remained acutely aware of the lack of representation for curvy women in fashion. She recognised the need for inclusive clothing options that celebrated diversity and empowered women of all shapes and sizes. And so, she embarked on her most ambitious venture yet – the creation of Kokoky, an accessible line designed to serve curvy women around the world.

Today, Mimine Agbantou stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring designers everywhere. Her journey from Parisian dreamer to global fashion icon is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the belief that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. As she continues to push the boundaries of fashion and champion inclusivity, Mimine’s legacy will endure, shaping the industry for generations to come.

The Problem:

In the glitzy world of fashion, where glamour and allure reign supreme, there exists a glaring gap that threatens to diminish the beauty of diversity and inclusion. For far too long, the women’s apparel industry has been plagued by a pervasive lack of representation and inclusivity, leaving countless women feeling marginalized and unseen.

At the heart of this issue lies a fundamental disparity in sizing standards and design priorities. Despite the fact that the average woman in the UK/US wears a size 16/18, the majority of fashion brands continue to cater predominantly to smaller sizes. This disparity not only perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards but also reinforces the harmful notion that only certain body types are worthy of being celebrated.

For curvy women, finding clothing that fits well and makes them feel confident and empowered can often feel like an uphill battle. Many are forced to settle for limited and uninspiring options that fail to capture the essence of their unique beauty and style. The lack of exciting choices for curvy women not only deprives them of the joy of self-expression but also reinforces feelings of inadequacy and exclusion.

Moreover, the dearth of representation for curvy women in mainstream fashion perpetuates harmful stereotypes and erodes self-esteem. From the pages of glossy magazines to the runways of high-end fashion shows, the message is clear – beauty is synonymous with slimness, and anything outside of that narrow ideal is deemed unworthy of admiration.

But amidst this sea of conformity and sameness, there exists a glimmer of hope – a beacon of light shining brightly on the horizon. Mimine Agbantou, with her unwavering passion and commitment to inclusivity, is leading the charge for change. Through her groundbreaking work with Mimine AG & Kokoky, she is challenging the status quo and redefining the meaning of beauty in fashion.

Join us as we delve deeper into Mimine’s revolutionary vision and explore how she is transforming the fashion industry one stitch at a time. From her innovative designs to her tireless advocacy for inclusivity, Mimine’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that every woman deserves to feel seen, heard, and celebrated – regardless of her size or shape.

The Solution:

In the face of these entrenched challenges, Mimine Agbantou refuses to accept the status quo. With a fierce determination to create positive change, she has set out to redefine the very essence of fashion – one that celebrates diversity, embraces inclusivity, and empowers women of all shapes and sizes.

Enter Kokoky – the embodiment of Mimine’s vision for a more inclusive and accessible fashion landscape. At its core, Kokoky is not just a clothing brand; it’s a movement, a revolution that seeks to uplift and empower curvy women around the world.

The cornerstone of Kokoky’s approach lies in its unwavering commitment to putting curvy women at the heart of its design and development process. Unlike traditional fashion brands that prioritize standard sizing and generic designs, Kokoky takes a radically different approach. Each garment is meticulously crafted to fit and flatter curves, with every detail carefully considered to enhance the natural beauty and confidence of curvy women.

But Kokoky’s mission goes beyond just offering well-fitting clothing. It’s about challenging outdated beauty standards and reshaping the narrative around body image. Through its bold and innovative designs, Kokoky seeks to redefine the perception of curvy women – from undesirable to attractive, from marginalized to celebrated.

One of Kokoky’s key strategies is to provide an accessible line of clothing that caters specifically to curvy women, offering fashionable designs at affordable mid-market prices. By making high-quality, stylish clothing more accessible, Kokoky is democratizing fashion and empowering women to embrace their individuality with confidence.

Moreover, Kokoky’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond just its product offerings. The brand actively champions diversity in its marketing campaigns, celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. By showcasing real women with real bodies, Kokoky is challenging the narrow beauty standards perpetuated by the fashion industry and paving the way for a more inclusive future.

Through her work with Kokoky, Mimine Agbantou is not just designing clothing – she’s designing a world where every woman feels seen, heard, and valued. With each stitch, she’s weaving a tapestry of inclusivity and empowerment, one that celebrates the beauty of diversity and embraces the uniqueness of every individual. And as Kokoky continues to grow and thrive, so too does Mimine’s vision for a more inclusive and equitable fashion industry.

Our Mission & Vision:

At Kokoky, our mission is simple: to give every woman access to exciting designs and impeccable fit. We believe that fashion should be inclusive, celebrating the beauty of all body types. Our vision is to redefine beauty standards and empower curvy women to embrace their sensuality with confidence.

Our Products:

From dresses to skirts, tops to trousers, Kokoky offers a diverse range of stylish garments designed to fit and flatter curves. Each piece is meticulously crafted, with attention to detail and quality. Our founder, Mimine Agbantou, understands the needs of curvy women firsthand, ensuring that every design is bra-friendly and engineered to enhance their natural curves.

Competitive Advantages:

What sets Kokoky apart is our unwavering commitment to inclusivity. Unlike other brands, we design our garments on real curves, draping and sampling in size UK 18 rather than the industry standard UK 6. This ensures a perfect fit every time, without compromising on style or quality. Plus, our designs are created by curvy women, for curvy women, making them truly representative of our diverse community.

Brand Achievements:

Since its inception, Kokoky has achieved remarkable success. We are proud to be the first luxury size-inclusive brand stocked in Selfridges, paving the way for greater diversity in the fashion industry. Our innovative approach has garnered attention from industry giants, with features in Vogue Italia and appearances during Milan Fashion Week. We’ve even caught the eye of celebrities like Rebel Wilson, who proudly donned Kokoky for the cover of The Sunday Times.


Since its introduction to the fashion world, Kokoky has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim for its innovative approach to design and its unwavering dedication to serving curvy women. From prestigious fashion weeks to the pages of leading publications, Kokoky has made its mark on the industry in a relatively short span of time.

One of the brand’s proudest achievements is its partnership with Selfridges, the esteemed luxury department store in the UK. Since 2022, Kokoky has been proudly stocked by Selfridges, making history as the first luxury size-inclusive brand to be featured in their renowned halls. This groundbreaking collaboration has not only elevated Kokoky’s visibility but has also cemented its reputation as a trailblazer in the fashion world.

In addition to its partnership with Selfridges, Kokoky has also been honored to be stocked by other esteemed retailers, including Honore, the leading size-inclusive luxury retailer. These partnerships have provided Kokoky with invaluable opportunities to reach new audiences and expand its reach across the globe.

Furthermore, Kokoky has made waves on the international stage, with appearances at prestigious fashion events such as Milan Fashion Week. In September 2022 and February 2023, Kokoky made history by hosting the first fully size-inclusive catwalk during Milan Fashion Week, garnering attention and acclaim from industry insiders and fashion enthusiasts alike. This groundbreaking showcase not only showcased Kokoky’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity but also positioned the brand as a leader in the fight for representation in the fashion industry.

But perhaps most importantly, Kokoky’s traction can be measured by the impact it has had on the lives of women around the world. From celebrities gracing the covers of magazines to everyday women feeling confident and empowered in Kokoky’s designs, the brand’s influence extends far beyond the realm of fashion. With each garment sold and each woman uplifted, Kokoky is proving that inclusivity isn’t just a trend – it’s a movement, and one that is here to stay.

Investor Section: Why Kokoky is an Investible Business

The ask for investment in Kokoky is as follows:

Total Investment: £100,000 – £1,000,000

Allocation Breakdown:

  • Marketing:
  • Hiring Key Staff
  • Accessible Line Production
  • Technology (App, Web, Sizing Software)
  • Logistics (Fulfillment Center, Shipping)

The initial investment will primarily focus on launching the brand’s accessible line, financing the US fulfillment center, and hiring key staff to support growth. Subsequent investments will be utilized to expand the team, offer more products, enhance the e-commerce platform, improve logistics and technologies, and scale marketing efforts to drive direct-to-consumer revenue.

  • Untapped Market Opportunity: Kokoky addresses a significant gap in the women’s apparel industry by catering to the underserved market of curvy women. With the average woman in the UK/US wearing a size 16/18, Kokoky taps into a vast and largely untapped market segment, offering fashionable clothing options that celebrate diversity and empower women of all shapes and sizes.
  • Proven Track Record: Kokoky has already achieved notable success, with partnerships established with prestigious retailers such as Selfridges and Honore. The brand’s presence at international fashion events, including Milan Fashion Week, further demonstrates its credibility and potential for growth in the global fashion market.
  • Innovative Design Approach: Kokoky’s innovative design approach sets it apart from competitors, with each garment meticulously crafted to fit and flatter curves. By prioritizing fit, comfort, and style, Kokoky offers a unique value proposition that resonates with its target audience, driving customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Strong Brand Identity: Kokoky’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment has resonated with consumers, establishing a strong brand identity rooted in authenticity and social responsibility. As consumers increasingly demand ethical and inclusive fashion choices, Kokoky is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and drive sustainable growth.
  • Scalability and Expansion Potential: With its accessible pricing model and online presence, Kokoky has significant scalability and expansion potential. The brand’s planned launch on Kokoky.com and Dia & Co, a US-based platform with over 130,000 active monthly web visitors, provides a solid foundation for growth and market penetration.
  • Experienced Leadership Team: Led by founder and creative director Mimine Agbantou, Kokoky boasts a talented and experienced leadership team with a proven track record of success in the fashion industry. With a deep understanding of consumer preferences and market trends, the team is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the fashion landscape and drive the brand’s continued growth and success.
  • Impactful Social Mission: Beyond its financial potential, Kokoky is driven by a broader social mission to challenge traditional beauty standards and promote inclusivity in the fashion industry. By investing in Kokoky, investors have the opportunity to support a brand that is making a meaningful difference in the lives of women around the world, while also generating attractive returns.

Contact Us:

For investment inquiries, partnership proposals, or general questions, please contact Mimine Agbantou’s using the following information:

Email: info@kokoky.com

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